Started in the old Tyrol Building in downtown Leavenworth, our location has supported different restaurants, lounges, pubs and taverns for over 60 years. In October of 2001, Michael Holland and Donovan Swan expanded an existing restaurant into the empty shop next door for the main lounge and dining area. At the time, Ducks served only beer and wine, not expanding to liquor until 2004, at which time we changed our name to Ducks and Drakes.

Our eclectic pub grub menu with reasonable prices, quality food and generous portions, has served us well over the years, earning us a stellar reputation among tourists and locals alike. That's why, in early 2009, under the tutelage of our Head Chef, Filiberto Varela, we expanded our evening menu to include finer dining items in our casual atmosphere. This has been very successful for the same reasons our pub menu has succeeded over the years.

Then Ducks and Drakes make a significant change by moving locations. Katzenjammers Restaurant, after 35 years of service, closed their doors. Ducks and Drakes took advantage of this classic location, which allows us to stay open until 2am and also allows a venue for live music. Remodeling the kitchen and building a brand new bar, Ducks and Drakes opened at 221 8th St. on April 29th, 2011.

Michael Holland and Donovan Swan sold the restaurant in 2016 to Chris and Leslie Zimmerman. So please join us in our new location, experience some recent history, play games, meet friends, watch sports, try the best Fish and Chips you've ever had or traditional German food while someone at the very same table has sashimi-style Ahi or builds their own Linguini dish. The possibilities...and the fun...are limitless.